“City of conservational tourism, opening gate to the west, enhancing quality of life, sustainably developing economics on a sufficiency basis”



  1. To build economic growth by focusing on comeptitiveness in ecotourism, ways of life, health and border trades
  2. To elevate the people’s quality of life by concentrating on a solution to combat proverty, human and social development, governmental services and renewable energy
  3. To sustainably conserve and rehabilitae natural resourse and environment

Strategic issues (listed in order of importance) comprise strategic goals, key performance indicators (KPI) and target value as shown as follows.


Strategy 1: promote and develop quality ecotourisim, ways of life and health

Comprising the following tatctics:

Goal 1 develop ecotourism, ways of life, health to increase revenue from tourism

KPI : percentage of increased revenue from tourism

  • Tactic 1 promote a “quality tourist city of relaxation”
  • Tactic 2 rehabilitate, conserve and promote ecotourism and ways of life
  • Tactic 3 enhance quality to tourist attractions and activities and promote tourist activites throughout the year
  • Tactic 4 develop personnel potential in marketing
  • Tactic 5 promote public relations and domestic and international markets

Goal 2 increase communication network and conveniences to link tourism routes and problems solutions for the people

KPI : number of developed infrastructure 

  • Tatctic 6 develop infratstructure and tourism conveniences

Goal 3 promote and develop OTOP products

KPI : increased percentage from the sale of OTOP products

  • Tactic 7 promote and standardize OTOP producst for value-added tourism


Strategy 2 : promote and develop trade, investment and border trade

Comprising the following tactics:

Goal : trade and investment increase

KPI :  percentage increased value of border trade

  • Tactic 1 develop logistics ready for the opening up to Myanmar and the Bay of Bengal Initiative for Multi-Sectoral Technical and Economic Coperation (BIMSTEC)
  • Tactic 2 develop the infrastructure of checkpoints of border trade
  • Tactic 3 promote, develop border trade and enhance relations with neighboring countries for tourism and opening up to the west
  • Tactic 4 promote and develop trade, investment both inside and outside the ASEAN 
  • Tactic 5 promote trade, community markets, safe agricultural produce and border trade


Strategy 3 : Solving proverty, developing humans, society, governmental services and renewable energy to elevate quality of life

Comprising the following tactics:

Goal 1 reduced households with below-the-line fundamental rwequisites (FR)

KPI 1:  reduced percentage of households with below-the-line FR

KPI 2:  increased percentage of labor with occupational developed skill

  • Tactic 1 encourage the households with below-the-line FR to increase effieciency in production/processing of safe agricultural products and labor skill development 
  • Tactic 2 promote elelctricity and tap water in all households


Goal 2  adolsecents and juveniles receive quality standard education

KPI : percentage of schools accredited with appraisal

  • Tactic 3 develop gevermental, private- and public sector personnel, students, formal and informal institutions to boost higher education to cater for AEC

Goal 3 the public are healthy, receving medical and public health without exception

KPI : reduced ratio of morbidity from coronary heart disease, diabetes, stroke, blood pressure and cancer

  • Tactic 4 develop quality of governmental health services and system
  • Tactic 5 develop welfare, infrastructure and governmental services to elevate the people’s quality of life

Goal 4  carry on religions, morality, ethics, tradition, cultures and local wisdom

KPI : numbers of activities carrying on religions, arts, tradition, local cultures and ethnicities

  • Tactic 6 conserve, rehabilitate and propagate religions, arts, cultures, tradition and ethic groups’ local wisdom

Goal 5 royally-initiated projects are thoroughly extended to communities/villages

KPI : increased percentage of communities/villages having learnt about the royally-initiated projects

  • Tactic 7 extend the results of learning from such project to target areas and public

Goal 6 promote the use and conservation of renewable energy

KPI : level of achievement in promoting the use and conservation of renewable energy

  • Tactic 8 develop and promote the use of renewable energy and effective use of energy


Strategy 4 : sustainable management, conservation, rehabilitation of natural resources and environment and biodiversity

Comprising the following tactics:

Goal : increase abundance of natural resources, environment and biodiversity

KPI 1: increased non-deforested space

KPI 2: reduced percentage of cases in deforestation compared with averages of the previous three years

KPI 3: reduced percentage of wildfire

KPI 4: level of achievement in waste management

KPI 5: level of achievement in conserving and rehabilitating riverine resources

  • Tactic 1 effectively promote and take part in conserving, foresting, building revenue, developing, rehabilitating natural resaources and environment
  • Tactic 2 prevent and solve problems of wildfire smog by participative procedure
  • Tactic 3 management of community rubbish and hazardous wastes
  • Tactic 4 management of riverine resources
  • Tactic 5 encourage farmers to practice agroforestry and human-and-forest cohabitation


Strategy 5 : development to promote internal security and along the border

Comprising the following tactics :

Goal 1 protect and commend royal institution and help build social rconciliation

KPI : numbers of activities held to commend the royal institution and build reconciliation

  • Tactic 1 protect the instition and conducting a reconciliation

Goal 2 narcotics-free villages/communities

KPI : percentage of strong and narcotics-free villages/communities

  • Tactic 2 prevent and solve narcotics problems, illegal immigration and migrants 

Goal 3 ensure security, peace and order and safety in life and property

KPI : reduced percentage of violence to life and property compared with averages from the previous 3 years

  • Tactic 3 promote security in life and property 

Goal 4 reduced impacts from public dangers 

KPI : percentage of communities promoted to be warning network

  • Tactic 4 prevention and mitigation of public dangers and prevention and reduction of road accidents

Goal 5  the royally-initated security-developed villages and guard villages are self-reliant

KPI : level of achievement of developing of royally-initated security-developed villages and guard villages

  • Tactic 5 promote and develop royally-initated security-developed villages and guard villages