"Elephant in the water"

An elephant in a body of water represents training of wild elephants for the battle and various labors. The seal was selected as it refers to Mae Hong Son's founding, recounting that Lord Kaeo Mueang Ma went out to capture elephants for the Lord of Chiang Mai (1825-1846). He gathered the Shan to settle at two main villages: Ban Pang Mu and Ban Mae Hong Son. Mae Hong Son was so called du to a stream for training elephants.



Mist Throughout the three seasons, sky-piercing Kong Mu, verdant forests, gentle people, refined customs, renowned land of Maxican sunflowers. 



Maxican sunflower or "Dok Bua Tong" in Thai.



Millettia brandisiana, a royally assigned tree on 9 May 1994.



Flag base is brown - blue - brown Divide horizontally into three equal parts. The central blue band is provincial seal in red circle which at the top is blue sky and yellow cloud, lower down is blue water with white wave and a brown elephant in the water, at the bottom is a yellow band with red border and in the middle of the band printed the words "Mae Hong Son Province"  in red color.

Mae Hong Son's Provincial Flag



Blue – brown