Mae Hong Son is generated with electricity from the power station in Chiang Mai (Chom Thong, Hot and Mae Taeng), distributed by 22KV system in 7 districts, including 8 power sources within Mae Hong Son, giving out a total electricity power of 30,000 kW. In 2015, there were 58,869 electricity-distributed households, equivalent to 82.77% of all households. Those without electricity were 12,256, equivalent to 17.23% of all households.

Out of Mae Hong Son’s 416 villages (including Chong Kham municipality), the statistics of using electricity is about 8-8.5 MW, 297 villages dependent on electricity poles and electric meters, amounting to 64,000 households. There are 119 villages without electricity, covering 15,000 households. The sub-district where electricity is 100% unavailable in villages is Sao Hin in amphoe Sariang, due to troublesome communication. Those villages with no electricity are being planned by Mae Hong Son’s Provincial Electricity Authority to fully accommodate the soonest. The plan includes a survey, expenditure appraisal for the entire operation with action to be taken in villages most ready where communication is accessible to facilitate services and offer maintenance for all seasons. Problems of expanding distribution units to villages without electricity relate to obstacles like narrow transportation uphill, faraway villages, scarce populace which causes high investment. Some villages are located in the governmental restricted forest. 



Mae Hong Son has waterworks offices in the following areas:

1. The provincial waterworks authority in Mae Hong Son comprises 2 facilities, i.e. Mae Hong Son terminal serving areas in Mueang Mae Hong Son municipality, amphoe Mueang, Ban Thung Kong Mu, Ban Na Mak Pin, Ban Pang Mu, Ban Mai, Ban Mai Ngae, Ban Tha Pong Daeng, Ban Huai Duea, Ban Sop Pong and 5 villages in ex-municipality; Pang Mapha unit serving Pang Mapha municipality and Ban Wana Luang in tambon Tham Lod.The total generating power is 490 m3 per hour. Raw water sources from the reservoirs of Huai Mae Hong Son and Lam Nam La serve areas in districts of Mueang Mae Hong Son and Pang Mapha (town and vicinity). The total water used as of 31 May 2016 was 490 m3 per hour.

2. The provincial waterworks authority in amphoe Mae Sariang comprises 2 facilities, i.e. Mae Sariang terminal and Mae La Noi unit, distributing an overall generating power of 330 m3 per hour.The raw water resource from Mae Yuam River serves areas in districts of Mae Sariang and Mae La Noi. (town and vicinities).