Physical Description

Mae Hong Son province is a border province in the upper northern of Thailand. Located in the Northeastern Thailand, between 17° 38' - 19° 48' North Latitude and 97° 20' - 98° 39' East Longitude. It is about 924 kilometers from Bangkok. The area is about 12,780.493232 square kilometers, the North's 3rd and Thailand's 8th largest province. It has a tapering topography from north to south, 250 kilometers long, 95 kilometers wide. The majority of the provincial area is the forest land which about 10,976.979104 square kilometers, accounting for 85.99 percent of the provincial area, followed by the agricultural land area of about 498.8256 square kilometers accounted for 3.90 percent of the provincial area.

Mae Hong Son province has a boundary bordering the Republic of the Union of Myanmar (Myanmar) measuring 483 kilometers; 362 kilometers of which is land and 157 kilometers of water, dividing into 127 kilometers of Salawin River and 30 kilometers of Yuam River.

The border with neighboring provinces and neighboring countries is as follows.

  • The north and the west borders states of Shan, Kayah and Kawthoolei in the Republic of the Union of Myanmar. Thanon Thong Chai range, Salween River and Moei River are borderlines between the countries.
  • The south borders Tha Song Yang district of Tak Province, with Yuam River and Ngao River are a provincial border.
  • The east borders Chiang Mai province, districts from north to south are Wiang Haeng, Chiang Dao, Mae Taeng, Samoeng, Galayani Vadhana, Mae Chaem, Hot and Omkoi. Thanon Thong Chai range is a provincial border.