Provincial Gross Domestic Product (GDP)

Mae Hong Son’s GDP in 2014 at annual value was 11,078 million baht. The production structure in 2014 in agriculture was 29.73 %, in non-agriculture at 70.27 %, with first three areas in agriculture at the highest ratio of 29.03%, followed by education at 18.66% and in wholesaling and retailing at 8.09%. The actual expansion ratio in 2014 was 0.16%. The provincial product per capita in 2014 was 54,615 baht/person/year.


Thai-Myanmar Border Trade 

Potential and significance of Mae Hong Son’s Border Trade in trades and investment

Mae Hong Son is strategically located, able to link to ASEAN member country, Myanmar, a host of raw material, and also linkable to the world’s third countries of economic power like India and China. Geographically located near Naypyidaw, Myanmar’s capital, Mae Hong Son is at the shortest distance of 220 km. It can be a west gate to major economic cities of Myanmar at Loikaw, Mandalay, Taunggyi, Taungoo and Thanwe. It is a gate to the sea for Thailand’s 17 northern provinces, thus being Mae Hong Son’s and the North’s strategy to enter the world market and economically link to new markets of Bangladesh, Pakistan and India. It can also be a route to the Middle East and Europe like the ancient Silk Road. The fact that Mae Hong Son has not yet been provided with an international point of entry has caused it an obstacle to enter an international trade, in particular the trade between Thailand and the Republic of the Union of Myanmar.

Mae Hong Son’s Checkpoints for Border Trade

Mae Hong Son has 2 checkpints for border trade to transport commodities between Thailand and the Republic Union of Myanmar, namely

  1. Ban Huai Phueang checkpoint located at Ban Huai Phueang, moo 3, tambon Huai Pha, amphoe Mueang Mae Hong Son
  2. Ban Nam Piang Din checkpoint located at Ban Huai Duea, moo 3, tambon Pha Bong, amphoe Mueang Mae Hong Son
  3. Ban Huai Ton Noon checkpoint , located at Ban Huai Ton Noon, moo 4, tambon Mae Ngao, amphoe Khun Yuam
  4. Ban Sao Hin checkpoint, located at Sao Hin village, moo1 , tambon Sao Hin, amphoe Mae Sariang
  5. Ban Mae Sam Laep, located at Ban Mae Sam Laep, moo 1, amphoe Sop Moei